About Blood!

The blood cells are mainly red blood cells (also called RBCs or erythrocytes), white blood cells (also called WBCs or leukocytes) and platelets (also called thrombocytes). Blood accounts for 7% of the human body weight, The average adult has a blood volume of roughly 5 litres There is no substitute for human Blood There are four main Blood types: A, B, AB and O. Every 2 Seconds, someone in the country is in need of blood Every year our nation requires about 4 Crore units of blood Out of which only a meager 5 Lakh units of blood are availabl


  • What is the Eligibility to- Donate Blood

    You are between age group of 18-60 years.
    Your weight is 45 kgs or more.
    Your haemoglobin is 12.5 gm% minimum.
    Your last blood donation was 3 months earlier.

  • Why I am Not Eligibil to - Donate Blood

    Smoking - within 3 hours
    Alcohol - within 48 hours
    Cold / fever in the past 1 week.
    Hepatitis B, C
    AIDS - Diabetes
    Fits/ Convulsions
    Cancer - Leprosy or any other infectious diseases Any allergies (Only if you are suffering from severe symptoms) Hemophilia/ Bleeding problems
    Kidney disease
    Heart disease
    Hormonal disorders
    Any other type of Jaundice - within 5 years
    Tuberculosis - within 2 years
    Chicken Pox - within 1 year
    Malaria - within 1 year
    Organ Transplant - within one year
    Blood Transfusion - within the last 6 months
    Pregnancy - within the last 6 months
    Blood Donation - within the last 3 months Major Surgery - within the last 3 months
    Small Pox Vaccination - within the last 3weeks
    Hemoglobin deficiency / Anemia - recently Drastic weight loss - recently